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TITLE ROK and India Conclude an Agreement to Streamline the Visa Process
Date 2012.03.25

1. On the sidelines of the summit between the Republic of Korea and India on March 25, Second Vice Foreign Minister Kim Sung-han and his Indian counterpart Sanjay Singh signed the Agreement on Simplifying Visa Procedures into effect with the aim to expand people-to-people exchanges between the two countries.

2. With the conclusion of the Agreement, requisites and procedures for the visa issuance, foreigner registration and extension of the sojourn period will be largely simplified, and the processing time shortened, contributing to promoting people-to-people exchanges and economic cooperation as well as the friendly and cooperative ties between the two countries.

° The Agreement is expected to greatly help enhance the convenience for ROK nationals and businesspeople that plan to obtain visas for visits or business purposes, or to have their foreigner registration and/or period of sojourn extended.

3. The main content of the Agreement is as follows:

° The governments of the two countries are to: issue multiple-entry visas suitable to purposes of entry, such as business, employment and tourism, to the people of the other country who meet the requisites stipulated in the Agreement; not demand documents not listed in the Agreement from visa applicants of the other country; notify applicants of visa issuance or refusal within five working days from the application date: and to allow employment visa holders from the other country one-year sojourn at first and extend the visa by one year.

4. The ROK government plans to actively seek such agreements as well as visa waiver agreements with other countries in a bid to reduce inconvenience of its people and businesspeople in traveling or doing business abroad, and to promote people-to-people exchanges and economic cooperation.

                            Spokesperson and Deputy Minister for Public Relations of MOFAT

* unofficial translation