US Secretary of State Clinton Calls Foreign Minister Kim to Offer Congratulations on His Inauguration
date 2010-10-09 18:00 name Spokesperson's Office

1. Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan, who took office on October 8, had a telephone conversation with 
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on October 9 at her request.

2. After congratulating Minister Kim on his inauguration, Secretary Clinton voiced willingness to make 
active efforts to further develop ROK-US relations based on personal friendship and trust. Extending 
appreciation in response, Minister Kim proposed maintaining close consultation and cooperation to 
strengthen the ROK-US alliance and overall ties.

3. During the phone call, Minister Kim and Secretary Clinton reaffirmed their commitment to work together 
to make a success of both the G20 Seoul Summit in November and President Obama’s visit to Korea 
during the Summit. Taking note of the unified position between the two countries on the denuclearization 
of North Korea and North Korea policies, they agreed to work more closely together down the road. In 
addition, the two sides concurred to make strong efforts toward the ratification of the KORUS (Korea-US) FTA. 

4. The two sides agreed to hold the ROK-US Foreign Ministers’ Meeting at an early date.

                          Spokesperson and Deputy Minister for Public Relations of MOFAT

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