Free Trade Agreement between the Republic of Korea

and the United States of America



Draft as of May 25, 2007

subject to legal review for accuracy, clarity, and consistency




Full text of Agreement (not including large Annexes and confirming letters)





  1. Initial Provisions and General Definitions


  1. National Treatment and Market Access for Goods

Annex 2-A: National Treatment and Import and Export Restrictions

Annex 2-B: Tariff Elimination  

Korea General Notes

Korea Tariff Schedule

Appendix 2-B-1 Korea Tariff Rate Quota

US General Notes

US Tariff Schedule

Appendix 2-B-1 US Tariff Rate Quota


  1. Agriculture

Annex 3-A: Agricultural Safeguard Measures


  1. Textiles and Apparel

Annex 4-A: Specific Rules of Origin for Textile and Apparel Goods

Annex 4-B: Fibers, Yarns, and Fabrics Not Available in Commercial Quantities

Appendix 4-B-1: Fibers, Yarns, and Fabrics Not Available in Commercial Quantities


Confirmation letter (Fibers, Yarns, and Fabrics Not Available in Commercial Quantities)


  1. Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices


Confirmation letter (Independent Review Process)


  1. Rules of Origin and Origin Procedures

Annex 6-A: Specific Rules of Origin

Appendix 6-A-1: Correlation Table for Footwear

Annex 6-B: Exceptions to Article 6.6


  1. Customs Administration and Trade Facilitation


  1. Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures


  1. Technical Barriers to Trade

Annex 9-A: Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade

Annex 9-B: Automotive Working Group


Confirmation letter (Specific Autos Regulatory Issues)


  1. Trade Remedies


  1. Investment

Annex 11-A: Customary International Law

Annex 11-B: Expropriation

Annex 11-C: Service of Documents on a Party under Section B

Annex 11-D: Possibility of a Bilateral Appellate Mechanism

Annex 11-E: Submission of a Claim to Arbitration

Annex 11-F: Taxation and Expropriation

Annex 11-G: Transfers


Confirmation letter (Property Rights)


  1. Cross-Border Trade in Services

Annex 12-A: Professional Services

Appendix 12-A-1: Sectors for Mutual Recognition and Temporary Licensing

Annex 12-B: Express Delivery Services

Annex 12-C: Consultations Regarding Non-Conforming Measures Maintained by a Regional Level of Government


Confirmation letter (Understandings of both sides)

Confirmation letter (Gambling)

Confirmation letter (Express Delivery Services – International Delivery)

Confirmation letter (Express Delivery Services – Domestic Reform)

Confirmation letter (PIT test)


  1. Financial Services

Annex 13-A: Cross-Border Trade

Annex 13-B: Specific Commitments

Annex 13-C: Financial Services Committee

Annex 13-D: Supply of Insurance by the Postal Services to the Public


Confirmation letter (Cross-border Trade, New Financial Services etc.)


  1. Telecommunications

Annex 14-A

Annex 14-B


  1. Electronic Commerce


Confirmation Letter (Access to And Use of the Internet)


  1. Competition-Related Matters


  1. Government Procurement

Annex 17-A: Government Procurement Annex


  1. Intellectual Property Rights


Confirmation letter (Internet Service Provider)

Confirmation letter (Promoting Protection and Effective Enforcement of Copyrighted works on University Campuses)

Confirmation letter (Online Piracy Prevention)


  1. Labor

Annex 19-A: Labor Cooperation Mechanism


Confirmation letter (Public Communication)


  1. Environment


Confirmation letter (Public Participation)

Confirmation letter (Equivalence in Environmental Laws)


  1. Transparency


Confirmation letter (Publication)


  1. Institutional Provisions and Dispute Settlement

Annex 22-A: Inflation Adjustment Formula for Monetary Assessment

Annex 22-B: Alternative Procedures for Disputes Concerning Automotive Products

Annex 22-C: Committee on Outward Processing Zones on the Korean Peninsula

Annex 22-D: Joint Fisheries Committee


  1. Exceptions


  1. Final Provisions


Annex I (Non-conforming measures for services and investment)

Korea (explanatory notes included)

United States (explnatory notes included)

Appendix I-A: Illustrative list of US regional non-conforming measures


Annex II (Non-conforming measures for services and investment)

Explanatory Notes


Appendix II-A

United States

Appendix II-A


Annex III (Non-conforming measures for financial services)


Appendix III-A

United States



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